Virtual Design Studio based in Bristol



Bristol-based Virtual Design Studio Launches


All around us are familiar faces, worn out places...It might be a mad world, but it’s also a bloody boring one when it comes to brands. It’s a mess of copycat creative, “minimal” design, and beige copy which we’re bored sh*tless by, and we know you are too.

You don’t want yet more tired ass concepts clogging up your inbox. You’re done with dull as dishwater graphic designers polishing up turds and calling them masterpieces. And you sure as hell don’t want to keep paying for your agencies to fill their offices with yet more bloody ping pong tables. 

Well, we hear you, and we agree. The standard ways that agencies do things doesn’t work for anyone anymore. That’s why we’re flipping the script and creating a bolder, better and brighter future for brands. 

Vaughan + Company, designed to disrupt.

So how can we promise you design that distinctively different? We’ve created a model that’s distinctly different, too. We are a virtual creative studio, which means we put the right talent in the right places, at the right time. It sounds simple, but boy is it effective - we’re talking award-winning level brilliance right here. 

Why so special? Think of us as your very own Nick Fury, pulling together the very best avengers type team of Bristol and London based freelancers whose expertise and experience will fit your brief perfectly. Industry understanding? They’ve got that. Simply put, we deliver the best in class for graphic design, 2D animation and digital marketing campaign activation.

“We are a revolution against the bland.”

Dazzling design is more than the delivery.

We know that the secret to great design that delivers results isn’t found at the bottom of an overpaid and overhyped barrel. It’s created by people that love what they do and that eat, sleep and breathe strategy, design and delivery.

When we say distinctly different design, we don’t just mean that it looks good. We mean that throughout the entire process we deliver an award-winning experience for our client partners. From finding insights that you can actually utilise, to giving you more than just a spreadsheet and calling it a strategy. We get inside the mind of your customers, to know what’s going to cut through the thousands of ads that get chucked at them on the daily. We know what’s going to make them sit up and not only take notice, but take action, too. 

You see, a pretty picture is great. But a pretty picture with no customer research, no solid strategy and no delivery plan is just a nice image blowing in the proverbial wind - admired for a second, then forgotten forever.

So come join us up here, the views are to die for.

If you couldn’t guess already, we’re pretty damn proud of the way we do things, and we want you to feel the same about your brand. 

We’re here to serve the outliers, the trouble-makers, the ones who aren’t happy to skip along to the status quo.

If that sounds like your brand, then get in touch so we can get busy being bolder.